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"Signal generator" is the generic name for instruments which produce time - dependent voltages which are used to stimulate other processes, e.g. electrochemical reactions. Standard types are ramp generators, also called sweep generators which produce linearly varying voltages,  pulsgenerators, sine wave generators and arbitrary signal generators. Generally, D/A - converters are also to be regarded as "signal generators". This page, however, deals with stand-alone signal generators only.


MVS 98

Economic analogue scan generator Wenking MVS 98 developed especially for electrochemical applications with respect to range and precision. Functions: single ramp, triangle, periodic triangle. Trigger input TTL (5 V) level. Scan rates ranging from 0.002 mV/ s to 500 V / s. Scan range max. 5 V, offset max. 5 V, precisely set by 10 - turn dials and coarse range switches. Other scan rates optionally available. Housing 245 x 120 x 240 mm (w x h x d), weight 2.5 kg.

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