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Potential Meters

Potential meters are basically electrometers which have extremely high input resistances in order to keep the feeding reference electrode free of load. This is necessary to maintain the true potential. pH - meters can be used as potential meters when fast reading is not required, because common pH meters are very slow. When the potential answer to current pulses is to be followed, potential meters are essential. 



PPM 98 

Fast potential meter Wenking PPM 98, high impedance input, especially designed for dynamic electrochemical measurements. Input impedance > 10╣▓ Ohms, signal rise time 1 Ás, noise referred to input < 30 ÁV rms, potential range 0.1 mV to ▒ 12 V, safe-guarded inputs, overload protected, low leakage input stage, input either floating or grounded. Analogue output impedance 100 Ohms. Housing 168 x 120 x 80 mm, weight 1,5 kg. 

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PPM 04-6

Multi-channel potential meter MPS 04, especially for use un low conductive electrolytes.  Up to 6 potential channels can be followed by multiplexer. 


PS 98

Ultra-high input resistance potential sensor head 1015 Ohms for MPS 98. Dimensions 200 mm x 40 mm (L x dia), weight 200g. .


MPS 98


Multi-channnel potential meter system Wenking MPS 98, base system for PS 98 sensor heads, especially designed for measurements in low conductive electrolytes. Up to 40 potential channels are scanned, the sensor heads can be distributed remote from the scanner unit (up to 100 m distance). Built-in interface RS-232 and IEEE-488. Housing 550 x 160 x 480 mm (scanner and power supply). .






















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