Cells and Electrodes

Electrochemical cells are designed to their special purpose. The method, the matter and their reactions as well as the environmental conditions define the limitations and demands for electrochemical cells and the electrodes. Standard corrosion testing cells may have a large volume, since corrosion products shall not change the solution grossly during the test. On the other hand, it may be valuable to collect corrosion products - then a very small volume is desired ("eluation cell"). Special corrosion tests for pitting reqiure a setup where undesired crevice corrosion is excluded ("Avesta cell" , "Quarfort Cell" or "Flushed port cell". Or you want to investigate in crevice corrosion, then the cell design should meet such conditions. Have a look to the variety of cells shown here, and call us if you have a special task where a fresh design is required.

Our experience covers cells for corrosion testing, cyclic voltammetry, flow cells and field cells as well as cells for optical measurements.

In addition, we supply different electrodes, including counter electrodes and reference electrodes.

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