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Zero Resistance Ammeters / Current Sinks (ZRA)

Current sinks are electronic circuits which can sink electric power in a controlled manner, thus acting as controlled loads. Our current sinks are designed as four - quadrant current sinks which can feed and sink currents in both polarities (also disregarding the polarity of the resulting voltage).

Since the input resistance of such current sinks is practically zero, they can be used for measurement of galvanic currents because their input resistance is virtually zero, i.e. the galvanic coupling e.g. can be discharged, while measuring the short circuit current exactly as if were in direct contanct.

CS 2 Multi - channel current sink is used as zero-resistance-ammeter e.g. for measurement of galvanic couplings. Moreover, the sink channels can be polarised , thus acting both as galvanostats or controlled sinks. Max. current per channel 20 mA. Smallest configuration 2 channels in a desktop box, up to 12 channels can be arranged in a 19" - housing (540 x 152 x 385 mm).

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