Cell Cables

Cell cables can set the "go" / "no-go" criterium for many electrochemical set-ups. The cables may feed high inductive impact. They have cable capacities, but they are expected to behave as "ideally non - capacitive".  In addition, potentiostats, together with the cell cable and the cell form a system which may produce RF - frequency signals. This is the reason why we recommend to use the original cables.

The cables for our potentiostats are especially designed for the instrument and its properties. We recommend to replace them with original spare parts. 


Our cell cables are low - capacitive, and the input stages compensate most part of the residual capacitance of the reference electrode cable. Nevertheless, in verly low-conductive electrolytes the use of common cables bay become critical and would require low-pass filtering. The front buffer is a tool which allows to operate such systems without cutting the bandwidth of the potentiostat. best suitable for measurements in distilled water, high purity waters and pwr reaction waters.

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