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Electrodes and Electrode Fixtures 





Working electrode fixture for flat round or octagonal electrodes. Different bezels set fixed surface areas of 1 cm up to 6 cm. In connection with our standard cell (Zelle 1 through Zelle 22), electrode change is easy. Two versions are available: Diskfix PVC for work up to max. 60C,  and Diskfix PEEK for work up to 150 C.

Special versions of Diskfix are available for gas electrodes, including das diffusors and gas inlet / outlet.

Photo left: standard version Diskfix PVC mounted in the WE adaptor of the standard cell. Photo right: Diskfix PEEK with gas electrode rig.

Data sheet (PDF)








Tipfix is an electrode fixture for irregularly shaped electrodes, but also prismatic or cylindric ones. The electrode is kept between tips where a Pt tip connects the electrode, and 2 others keep it in place. Two versions are available: Tipfix glass and Tipfix PVC (max. 50C) 


Photo left: Tipfix, glass, mounted together with Haber-Luggin-capillary in WE adaptor of standard cell,) 

Data sheet (PDF)



TWEEZER is an easy - exchange fixture for electrodes made from sheet material. The maximum sheet thickness is 3mm, the minimum thickness is 0.1 mm.

Data sheet (PDF)



Counter Electrode Ti-Pt

Counter electrodes made of platinised Titanium are extremely sturdy. Their electrochemical behaviour is as good as that of pure platinum  in most environments. The 70 mm x 6 mm dia counter electrode comes with a 4 mm banana terminal and a Teflon cone (NS 14). Available in 2 versions for max. 150 mm immersion depth and max. 100 mm immersion depth.  






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