Potentiostats - well used

Potentiostat as HiFi - Amplifier

Last but not least a fine idea how to use the potentiostat as an excellent High - Fidelity amplifier. Extreme low noise (20 to 30 ÁV) and extreme low distortion due to the high slew rate which rarely are obtained from usual HiFi amplifiers will give you a new sensation. If you have a potentiostat which is able to deliver 2 A or more (e.g. our power potentiostats from the HP or STP series), you can use it according to the scheme shown below. The power of the speakers should be in excess of the power of the potentiostat.
The capacitor couple in the CE line to the speaker may be cancelled if you are sure that from the signal source no DC is introduced (may be checked with a voltmeter at the CE terminal). If not more than some few millivolts DC are fed through, the sound is best when no protection capacitor is used.

Fig. 6: Potentiostat as HiFi - amplifier

The proper values for R1 and R2 are listed in the table below, calculated for 8 Ohms resistance of the speaker. The currents are the max. currents of the potentiostat. The voltage is calculated to give best results at max. power without distortions. The potentiometer (20 to 50 kOhms) acts as volume control.


Current Voltage R1 R2 Power
2 A 16 V 15 kOhm 1 kOhm 32 W
3 A 24 V 24 kOhm 72 W
5 A 40 V 39 kOhm 200 W

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