The Company

Bank Elektronik - Intelligent Controls GmbH originated from the fusion of Bank Elektronik and Intelligent Controls CLZ GmbH. Bank Elektronik manufactured potentiostats since 1954. Intelligent Controls manufactured digitally controlled signal generators, electrochemical cells and compact stress corrosion equipment. More than 50% of the production goes to exports.

Proudly we claim to be the first potentiostats producing company deserving this name. In 1953, Hans Wenking designed the first potentiostat which was able to operate electrochemical cells. In 1954, the company "Elektronisches Labor Goettingen" was founded by Gerhard Bank and started to manufacture potentiostats: The famous potentiostats designed by Hans Wenking. In 1959, the company changed its name to Bank Elektronik.

The Products 

Electrochemistry is a special area of physical chemistry, requiring special control amplifiers which silmultaneously control reactions and measure their rate. Depending on the individual task the currents may be extremely small or very high. We produce potentiostats and galvanostats controlling cells from the order of femto-ampere to 100 A. In addition, we manufacture signal generators, integrators, potential meters and corrosion monitors. Beyond the electronics, we sell cells and electrodes for a variety of electrochemical tasks.


You have a task, but not the instruments to solve it?. We are your partner - either by designing a tailor-made instrument, or by assembling the proper constellation of existing instruments and tools. Special instruments made by Bank Elektronik are working in rare places all over Europe: Sub sea, buried, or in hot enviroments.


Your problem is our problem: We can help you to solve your problems. Of course, we are not specialised in each field of electrochemistry, but a lot of electrochemical research is done in our laboratories, too. Whenever you have a problem, just ring us up or send a mail. yelp.


has highest priority: Made in Germany. We are proud of our reputation and do all to keep this alive. Each instrument is subject to a variety of tests, and before shipping it is subject to a 100 h burn-in test. That is the reason why many of instruments exceed the age of 20 years, running in harsh environments. 

And more?

The expierence collected during more than forty years of of research and development is yours. In many cases you do not know it.May be you are using an analyzer by XYZ* basing on a electrochemical process. Then you have a pretty good chance to use one of our OEM - potentiostats which are the core of your specialised sensor system



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